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So recently ive decided to get a new graphics card, ive already found one thanks to these forums, but ive heard about having to uninstall and install stuff in order to use one? could anyone clarify for me? im thinking about just taking it to a shop but i know that will cost a lot of money.
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  1. 1. Uninstall your old card's driver. This can be done by booting through safe mode and go to device manager. In there uninstall your old graphics driver. If you are running integrated, skip this step.
    2. Plug out all cables to your computer and open up the case. If you are running integrated you should be able to find an empty slot like this:

    If you have a graphics card running, go pull it out gently by pushing up the tab and pulling it out gently.
    3. Free out the PCI-E mounting holes on the case and make space for the card. Then gently put the graphics card in the slot. Make sure it's seated properly. If you need an additional power cable, go plug it :).
    4. Put the cables back and case cover, but instead of putting the monitor cable to the motherboard (if you are running integrated) put the cable to the card. If you run a graphic card before just make sure you plug the monitor cable to the new card.
    5. Boot through, you should be able to. Then at windows (or whatever OS you are running), install your graphics drivers and follow the steps. Then play games after you finish, good luck.
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