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I have a very tight budget and for roughly £60 i want to buy a new cooler , the one i have doesnt quite cool my qx9550 as much as id like 50-52 idle , 69-71 on load id like to find a solution to cool better but also noise is abit of an issue but aslong as its within reason im happy to buy it any suggestions? water, fan, fanless?
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  1. fanless is difficult... especially for high TDP cpu's... any good watercooling (true watercooling) is usually more than 60 euro's

    i wouldn't reccomend water cooling for your cpu anyhow here is what i reccomend (sorry about tigerdirect but it won't redirect you)
    or the 212 EVO is good as well
  2. Any water cooling that will work better than a $20 hyper 212 will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $200-$400.
  3. ^the H80 and H100 are better performers than the 212 evo, i still wouldn't recommend them, especially for a 95W cpu
  4. Well before i give you a link to the only cooler you will ever need, dont forget its important to consider case size so that it fits, so tell us your PC case so we can check, but heres your cooler.
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