Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Retention Plate Won't Match Standoff

This is very frustrating. I don't know if they gave me a wrong retention plate or what. The retention plate that you use to match the standoffs won't match! My back plate is aligned correctly. The retention plate won't fit on the LGA 1155 platform. Here are some pics. Someone help me please! :fou:
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  1. One sec the pics are uploading to photobucket. My uploading speed is slow.
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    It *looks* like the slots the screws are in have three positions for each. Looks like you need to move the screws to the middle one and it will go in. I have the Evo and did have to fiddle with it some to line up.
  3. The screws are in the middle. The middle is the LGA 1155 according to the instruction manual and so I did. I manage to get the screws into place by forcing the screws direction out a bit. If I didn't, it wouldn't just regularly fit in. By doing this, it didn't let me screw in that much but it's still tight. I'm able to hold on the hyper 212+ with it on the motherboard without falling. Is this okay?
  4. Here are some more pics:

    Is this okay? Or do I have to screw the screws all the way in? Like one or two of the screws on the retention plate fits but the others don't. I would have to force the other screws a bit in order to screw it in. It wouldn't let me screw a lot so I only screwed a bit in.
  5. I'm going to vote "not good." Just looking at your newest pics, the screws are in the innermost of the three positions out at the end of the arms. They need to be one more position out (centered). Then they should screw (almost?) all the way down.

    Built mine a couple months ago and can't recall exactly, but think they went down a lot farther than I thought they would.
  6. Tighten them in an X pattern just before they are snug,that is where to stop.
  7. Thanks guys I finally got it. Should I tighten it all the way or almost all the way? I'm afraid that tightening all the way would damage the motherboard and the cpu?
  8. Should I tighten it all the way or almost all the way?Just before snug or risk damage.
  9. Here is the final image:

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  11. Congrats! Nice mobo too :)
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