Strange Rattling sounds comming from my PSU please help!!!

Hi guys.

A wile back i got help here finding a nice build to do for my new system. I've build that build and have had many happy hours using it so far. Only now i got a problem. Couple days ago i started to hear a soft rattling sound sometimes but if i turned my head for example the sound was gone so i tought it was just me going nuts from missing sleep. Since a day or two i really started to notice it again and worse then before. Now today it just got to bad. It's constant now and it drives me crazy.

I recorded the sound as good as possible with the camera in my phone and uploaded it to youtube so you can hear what i'm talking about. Thought that would be a lot more helpfull then my simple discription.

The psu btw. is an XFX Core Edition Pro 750W sitting in an CM HAF912+ case so it's with the fan down (please tell me i didn't screw up there :/ )

I really hope you guys can help me. I have years left on the warranty but before i'm going to take and steps i hoped to find some answeres here.

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  1. Most likely the fan, see if anything is touching the fan.
  2. Nope clean between the case and fanshield and the dust roster etc. is all on the ouside of the case.

    I did shut down the comp for a couple mins. And after stardup it's not making the sound right away but it did come back after a bit.
  3. Could be fan bearings also, have you tried lubricating it?
  4. I'm hesitant to open it (i'm guessing that what is needed to lube it) since that voids any warrenty left on it (still have almost 5yrs left).
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    Send it back then.
    But check the other fans aswell.
  6. Yeah i was afraith of that. I did check all other fans by shutting them off but no change until i shut the whole system down. so psu off was sound gone. Just hoped there would be a less "intrusive" way to fix something like this seeing as i'm work dependent on my system but what to do right.
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