Need a super quiet cooler for AMD A8 (FM1) + Mini ATX

Looks like the Hydro coolers also make noise. Can anyone suggest me a super quiet cooler for my FM1 CPU?

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  1. what kind of case?

    If your case is huge then a scythe ninja with the fan set to the low range is quieter than any room I have been in recently

    If its a low profile HTPC then its hard to go past the Big Shuriken
  2. As I said, it will be a Mini ATX case. I like this one but I could end up buying another Mini ATX casing:
  3. BTW, Big Shuriken is not an FM1 cooler.
  4. what about the Scythe Big Shuriken 2 model ?
    i'm sure that one is fm1 ready
  5. Big Shuriken fits AM3 so it fits FM1 too , but its too tall [ 58 mm ] for your case which is only 54 mm high
  6. Thanks tassietim, this is good but it's not a quiet fan. The upper level of its noise is more than 30 db which is really loud.
  7. @Outlander, is that right? sorry, I thought the spec should exactly say FM1. If that's the case, I can actually find many more fans. But are you 100% sure about it?
  8. Thermalright arrow nah just kidding.

    doesn't cooler master have those dwarf cooler? I heard they are nice never used one thought. or those from deep cool I've seen some dwarf cooler, but about their reliability I'm not sure,
  9. patrickestarian said:
    @Outlander, is that right? sorry, I thought the spec should exactly say FM1. If that's the case, I can actually find many more fans. But are you 100% sure about it?

    all AM2 , AM2+ , AM3 and AM3+ coolers fit on FM1

    but as your case is only 54 mm high [ 2.1 inches ], and the internal space after the mb is mounted is even less than this , then even a low profile cooler like the big shuriken 2 just does not fit
  10. Thanks a lot for the info. How about a hydro cooler? in newegg they were saying that hydro coolers make noise too. something like an aquarium pump. so how can I build a super quiet pc?
  11. that case looks like bare case similar to a Silverstone ML03 Black Slim HTPC Case
    this the case I am using in my mini itx setup with a Scythe SCSK-1100 100mm Shuriken Rev. B 3 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler
  12. @Tavo_Nova, I checked for cool master. They are usually more than 18 db which makes them not quiet.
  13. @tassietim,

    Yes, I think I have to change my case and get a bigger one. That's a shame because that case is very tiny and nice looking AND it's fanless (it comes with an external power adapter)
  14. BTW, anyone had experience with under-clocking? I think that's a good way of keeping the CPU cooler.

    Another question is, from the heat perspective, does it matter if I use a 65 watts CPU comparing to a 100 watts CPU considering that I don't need much processing power?

    Here are my two candidates:
  15. For a media play back the triple core is more than adequate .

    You would only need more processor power if you were expecting to game and/or edit videos and pics

    For cases that have sufficient room inside , and still look like HTPC then its hard to go past the
    Silverstone GD 05 [or nearly identical GD 04 that has a stealthed drive bay ]

    Once you have done a 7 volt mod to the fans its completely silent .

    You will be able to use an m-ATX motherboard , and have more expansion options adding a tv tuner .

    There is also an updated version of this case called the GD 06
  16. Have you considered passive cooling?
  17. @Outlander_04

    Wow! this is very nice. A 7 volt fan should be much quieter than a 12 volt one. Thanks a lot for the tip.

    The Silverstone case is nice but it's a little too big. I have found a few chic casings but they are usually very expensive. Some of them are more than $1,000 but I think if I do more research I should be able to find something cheap and at the same time, elegant.

    Thanks again
  18. @zooted, yes, I found a couple of passive-cooled cases but usually they are heavy and their both sides have blades for cooling which makes it not what I want to have in my tv stand as a top box.
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    whats a real shame , after looking around for a nice cooler to use in a itx based pc i was building for a friends new pc , i found this one Artic Cooler Freezer 11 LP for it ( ). was using it with i3 530 based system...only issue i had was not for amd >.< if only they made one for amd off the quietest cpu coolers i've every used, even when running in the Antec ISK110 VESA Mini-ITX Desktop Case i was using , holding the case to my ear ,,,,,nada,,,, nothing,,,, no sound
    hope they make an AMD based one soon
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