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I'm starting my first build from scratch. I've decided it's going to be something along the lines of i5 3570k, a mid/high range graphics card (probably a 660ti depending on its UK release price point), asus z77 mobo, SSD, HDD as well as the usual other peripherals like fans/optical drives. Anyway to my question, I've used a couple of those wattage calulators on the internet to get an idea and they come out around 450w. Now if i'm planning on OC'ing and also want enough headroom to possibly add another gpu in sli a few years down the line can i get away with a high end 650w psu? one like this: or is that cutting it too fine and i'd be better off going for a 750
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  1. I think it would come down to how much power the 660Ti's really use. I haven't been reading too many rumors lately, so I don't know how many 6 pin power connectors it requires. But if it's only a single 6-pin like the HD7850's, then you'll be fine using the 650w for an SLI configuration later on.

    Might be best to just get a 750w PSU to be safe for now, or of course, just wait until you know for sure how much power you'll need :)
  2. I did originally intend to get a 7850 but decided to wait until the 660ti since its not very far away, although rumours are it will be a very expensive 'mid priced' card . For the difference in price i think ill go for a 750w. Anyone got any good suggestions? Im in the uk and dont want to spend more than about £80. Also want a modular one since i have an acrylic window on my case and im a bit ocd about it looking good. OCZ ZT750 looks about right?
  3. I believe the OCZ ZT series are actually pretty solid (correct me if I'm wrong) so I don't think you'll have any issues.
  4. Ok thanks for the help mocchan
  5. bamford said:
    Ok thanks for the help mocchan

    Welcome :)
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