Anyone got experience with Eyefinity (3Displaye) on 7970? Please help!

I am having a major problem, I didn't know Eyefinity was such a headache! (If i knew this prior to ordering 3 New monitors, I would have gotten one 30" 3d Monitor) Anyways, How do you set this up without tearing? I have looked all over and cannot find a surefire way that works.

A HDMI to Display port came with my 7970 , MY 7970 has 2 Mini Display ports, 1 HDMI PORT, AND 1 dvi PORT

My displays-
3 x LG Flattron E2350V 23" LED LCD Screens (Max res. 1920x1080) (HDMI, D-SUB, DVI-D)
Bought these because CHEAP! 100$ each!

Heard if I don't use the same type of connection I will get tearing, Can you please help me?

All i need to know is what do i buy ? Ebay has some cheap stuff, but not sure what to get, what cable to I need to buy?

I also saw a converter Box type thing that one display port hooked into and then 3 split from that box, where do I find this cheap if it is what i need?

So lost

At this point I would donate $$$ via pay pal for help! God bless and let me know if anyone has done this! thanks

This is my build

i7 2600k (Evo 212 Aftermarket Cooler, Dual Fans)
Asus Gene IV Gen-3 mATX
G-Skill 8GB Ripp Jaws 2133
120GB Corair GT series 120GB SSD
XFX 7970 OC Black Edition
XFX Bronze Cert. 850W Pro Series PSU
2TB Hitachi Storage 7200rpm
3 x LG Flattron E2350V 23" LED LCD Screens (Max res. 1920x1080) (HDMI, D-SUB, DVI-D)
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  1. I actually just posted the same question for confirmation as my 7970 is on the way. I think one of your connections has to be from one of the mini display ports using an active adapter that will connect to on of your monitors ports, I don't think it matters which one. The other two connections don't really matter, they can be DVI to DVI and HDMI to DVI (with a male HDMI / female DVI adapter). I think this is right, but I'm waiting for someone with more experience to confirm this for me.
  2. This is what someone told me on overclock,net which is much better, and they answer Q much faster and seem to know a lot more

    "I would be careful buying an adapter non-Eyefinity certified. I used to own a cheap adapter like the Powercolor one, which was not Eyefinity certified, and it died unexpectedly after a year. However, if you are comfortable with buying a non-certified adapter:
    -it will only work if your resolution is 1920x1200 or less
    -it will only work at 60 Hz

    Personally if you only need a single link adapter you should get this one

    The cable you end up using does not matter. DVI and HDMI are both digital signals so they either work or do not work. Do not use VGA: it's analog, suspectible to RF interference, outdated, and depending on the quality of the cable image quality can vary a lot.

    My functional Eyefinity setup consists of the following:
    -Card-->Displayport-->Active Displayport adapter-->DVI cable-->monitor
    -Card-->DVI-->DVI cable-->monitor
    -Card-->DVI-->DVI cable-->monitor"
  3. You can run up to 2 DVI monitors on a single card without adapters. note these configuration requirements are releated to eyefinity as a whole and nothing specific to the 7xxx series cards.

    for eyefinity (3x Group) you have to have atleast 1 connected via DISPLAY PORT.

    this can be done either directly to the monitor (if supported by the monitor) or via an


    i would stick to a sapphire branded adapter, they are eyefinity certified & work well.
    is what you will need

    You would cable in the following manner.

    Card DVI ---> DVI Monitor
    Card Mini DSP Port ----> Sapphire Active Mini DSP to DVI ---> DVI Monitor
    Card HDMI ---> HDMI to DVI Cable ----> DVI Monitor
  4. Thanks, I will do the following if you think its ok

    Card-DVI to DVI cable to monitor
    Card-HDMI-HDMI to DVI Adpater-DVI Cable- To monitor
    And finally the active display port you suggested to dvi cable to monitor? will this work?

    Do i need to get any kind of special DVI cable or are they all the same, I seen some that were different, My monitor has dvi port with the - conntection at end of the tiny hole connectos, and my video card has a + connector at end of tiny hole connectors, is this a difference to worry about , Or I just need any male to male DVI cable?
  5. YES & YES to the first 2 and the 3rd would be
    Card DSP ----> Active DSP to DVI Single Link Adapter ----> DVI Cable to Monitor

    Yes there was DVI digital and DVI analogue i think.

    one had the pins next to the bigger connector at the end and one did not.

    check the connectors on each end of what you have. other than that all the cables are the same.

    BTW i have started a guide located on toms forums
  6. It really looks like I have everything I need, but am unable to see my 3rd monitor (I can connect to any 2 of the 3). I have a Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Card. What do you guys think of this configuration?

    I did check it out ... didn't really help me in this case. My issue is not having the ability to see the 3rd monitor, even though it looks like it should be pretty simplistic from what I can see on the web ...

    Thinking it's a problem with my cables, here's what I have (each cable has [] ... so, [DVI-D -> DVI-D] is a Digital DVI cable ...

    (Port #1 - DVI-I) -> [DVI-D -> DVI-D] -> Monitor

    (Port #2 - DisplayPort) -> [DisplayPort -> DVI-D-Active] -> [DVI-D - > DVI-D] -> Monitor

    (Port #3 - HDMI) -> [HDMI -> HDMI] -> Monitor
  7. You will need an HDMI to DVI cable to see the third monitor.
  8. Bad luck getting a XFX brand. I think it's the only one not to come with an active display port adapter.
  9. Hey, just got one of these cards myself and 3 monitors, luckily, i was able to get it going 1st shot with 2 mini display port to DVI adaptors and the other DVI port... I will confirm that DVI, HDMI and Display Port does not work, but this does! :D

    I used a pair of apple mini display port to DVI adaptors, since I have a macbook and was able to knick those...

    Hope this works for you :)
  10. Eyefinity will look great when you get it running. I have the XFX 7970 DD with 3 samsung 22" 16:10 monitors (226BW) running at 5040x1050. I have the following set up.
    One DVI to DVI cable, 2 mini displayport to DVI cables. I use Accell active cables that are AMD eyefinity certified. (

    monitor 1 uses mini dp to dvi
    monitor 2 uses mini dp to dvi
    monitor 3 uses dvi to dvi

    When I first hooked everything up I was getting flicker on the 3rd monitor. I searched forums and found people were having success by installing the 12.6 beta drivers. I have latest version of 12.6 beta and also latest Catylst profile. I have vsync set to on in windows and in all games I play.

    No flicker since I update driver and turned on vsync.
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