New heatsink Q6600, P5Q 68C idle temp? Help!!

Hi all,

I been using these forums to solve all PC related issues but I am now stumped I hope someone can help me out.

I have a Asus P5Q mother board, Intel Q6600 G0, 4GB DDR2 Ram 333Mhz upgrading to blastix 800mhz (soon).

A few months back I discovered that my idle temps using Real temp and CPUID was between 55-75C massive difference when idle or medium use(stock cooler), I have had the PC for 4 years and wanted to overclock to around 3.0Ghz before I buy a new rig, However today I installed a Arctic cooler freezer 13 pro.

I am pretty sure I applied the artic mx4 compound properly and not too much however the temp is still 65C??? that's using real temp and on CPUID its 58C
the sensor movement is 13 13 14 11.

Please if anyone can advise what to do beacuse I am keen to overclock this PC before I upgrade its been in heavy use for past 4 years so I dont excpet too much. I have two chassis fans one pointing inwards and one outwards back of the computer behind heat sinks.

Sorry if I sound noobish I am a complete amatuer :D

Thank you.
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  1. make sure you installed the cooler correctly it may not be making proper contact with the chip...that is really high temps for idle temps...also make sure that you put enough paste on the cpu to cover all of the heatspreader but not too much that it is building up around the outside of the cpu.....that cooler should be able to produce temps lower than the stock cooler
  2. Thank you for the reply I will clean and reply using the credit card spread method before I put grain size in middle and spread via heatsink, Will try again tommrow and let you know temp cam slightly down to 51C while idle and under load 81C something must be wrong.

  3. yea something has to be wrong because at stock speeds there is no way it should be that high...let me know how it goes.
  4. Just checked heat sink again today the paste only covered 50% of the cpu and sink that was the problem the grain method didt work so I manually applied thermal paste by credit card and now temps are between 37-40C and 46-50C under load.

    Much better last question is I am going to proceed with overclocking any suggestions of how to do it with a P5Q I read a few guides but don't understand how to gradually increase the overclock I understand ram, fsb and multiplier its just voltage that confuses me at the moment.

  5. well the voltage is set to a specific can see it in the program called CPU-Z...what you would do is set the voltage to that level in the BIOS and then gradually up the FSB and test its stability. You repeat this process on the same voltage increasing the FSB until it becomes unstable and then you up the vcore a little bit and repeat the process until you get to the desire speed. let me know if you have any other questions.
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