Question on cable management with NZXT Phantom

I've got the CPU power connector that has to reach the top left hand corner of my mobo. Through the closest rubber gromet, the cord won't reach. There is a small hole in the very top left hand corner that the fan's cords run through, but the cpu power cord just barely doesn't fit. What was your guy's solution to this? I can't be the only one.
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    usually when people encounter this problem the easiest fix is to buy an extender just extends your cpu power cable so that you can route it in the path that you want...otherwise you may just have to route the cable in front of your mobo under ur gpu to the power connector.

    something like this would be what you need
  2. Do I even need it? If you have the behemoth cord connected to your motherboard, do you need to also connect the the "CPU power" cord that has 8 pins? Can't remember what I did last time and I don't have the manual at the moment.
  3. yes you def do need the 8 pin power cord connected to your motherboard.....the 8 pin connector supplies power to your cpu while the 24 pin connector supplies power to the rest of the board
  4. Oh Okay. Makes sense. I thought it said on the PSU manual that you didn't if you had the 24 pin connector, but I just reread it and it doesnt say that at all. Thanks.
  5. no problem man goodluck with the cable routing....its always nice to have a clean build with no extra cables showing.
  6. Thats exactly why I got the thing cause I heard it had great cable management abilities. Its strange then that they wouldn't have a better system for getting the that cord around.
  7. yea this problem pops up alot with cases that have bottom mounted psu's...even cases that are much smaller than the one you got...ur best bet is to buy an extender and finish the job the right way
  8. Will do.
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