Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Modular PSU **URGENT**

Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Modular PSU

Guys i need to buy PSU for my rig. It will be powering a HD 6950 ,I3-2120,Asrock Z77Pro4-M,2 Hdd , 3-4 Fans , 2x4Gb 1600Mhz G.skill

How is this PSU . Should i buy it for 140 $ ?

I need help asap cuz i need to know if to cancel order or to take it !

Thank you
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  1. it's one of CM better units and has solid reviews. it offers plenty of power for your rig but is way overpriced at $140 USA.
  2. Its not about the money . I got it for 80 $ but shiping to my country its to high (58$). Just wanted to know how is it .
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    here is review of the 600w version, the 700w uses the same platform. sucks that shipping is so high for you

    FYI, the 600w version would offer plenty of power for you also if that helps saving some money.

    Coolermaster has something here in the Silent Pro M 600W. What they have is a nice, well performing, efficient power supply that doesn't make a lot of noise. As most other units I've looked at there are some drawbacks like the cheap group regulated design and the not so stellar performance in the overshoot transient testing, but things like the above average regulation for a group design and the awesome ripple suppression goes a long way. Would I buy one of these? Yes I would.
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  5. Thank you very much. Ye that shiping sucks.
    The HX750 was 35 $ more and 10 more in shiping so i got this :)
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