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Hello,my gpu temperature is at 92c when im just genarlly browsing is that bad ?:/ need help also where do i speed my fans up??:/ my cards only a
nvidia geforce 9200 btw
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  1. im guessing this is a laptop? that temp is very high....does your laptop get really hot when just browsing the internet and stuff? you could try taking the laptop apart and cleaning out the fan and heatsink area and even go as far as replacing the thermal paste on the laptop....this is usually not easy to do with laptops though
  2. 92c is way to hot, Laptop or not, thats borderline shutdown temp, and its probably throttling down the core. If its a laptop take the service panel off and blow the fan out with compressed Air, if its a desktop take the side off and blow the dust our of the card and the computer, If you know how to reapply thermal paste, I wound do that to lower temps.

    If your laptop don't have a service panel you will probably need to find any holes that has a fan and spray compressed air into.
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