EVGA gtx 460 sli BF3 Issues

I built my first computer a couple of weeks ago and decided to go with gtx 460 sli for graphics, recommended to me by a friend.
Now from what he told me and what I could tell from youtube videos and forums, I should be able to run BF3 on ultra with range of 100-140 fps. Currently im not even able to run on High smooth. Its strange though because I can run crysis 2 and mw2 max settings no problem. the only game that causes any kind of problems is BF3. Any ideas on what could be causing my low frame rates in Battlefield 3.

my system is
i5 2500k oc 4.5ghz
gtx 460 sli
4gb g skill ram 1600
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  1. Make sure you have the latest SLI drivers for your cards. Very common to have to low FPS on some games and not others when drivers are missing.
  2. ty that seems to have fixed the problem much appreciated.
  3. You will need more than 4GB of ram to run the 460 SLI on ultra on BF3 smoothly, your vram is being murdered therefore eating into your system ram causing stuttering and bad gameplay, bump your ram up to 8gb and you will notice a huge difference.
    Worked for me with my 560 SLI.
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