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Hi,just a quick question,i was looking at some reviews of MB`s with PCI 3.0 and someone had made a comment that PCI 3.0 will not be utilized until the Ivy Bridge CPU comes out,i was just wondering if this is true,if so i am delaying my upgrade.
Many thanks.
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  1. Yes it is true, ivy-bridge will be capable of getting PCIe 3.0 usable. Although, the difference from PCIe 2.0 and 3.0 with current cards is really not noticeable.

    But if you already have a nice CPU working for you now, I would wait to upgrade. If you are patient enough, you may want to wait for Haswell. (2013ish)
  2. Man,cant keep up with all these new releases lol. You say that with current cards there is not much difference,but would a 7xxx series which is PCI 3.0 run better once the Ivy Bridge comes out?
  3. Yes it would run better, but would it be worth upgrading your i5 2500k that is fully functional to an ivy-bridge for 3.0? No.

    There will be a difference, since PCIe 3.0 will be faster. But PCIe 2.0 will suffice for a long while. The only way 3.0 will come in use is when cards in production become so fast 2.0 can't keep up.

    Much like PCI and PCIe. PCI had to go because it couldn't keep up with the faster cards out there.
  4. Ok,so do you think that there is still some years left for PCIe 2.0 even with the the new cards like the 7xxx and the new 6xx and beyond?
  5. Excellent post. I was curious as to how my future 7970 would work if the ivy bridge wasn't even out yet. But the way you put it makes me think all of 2.0's bandwidth hasn't been used to it's full potential with any of the current gpus.
  6. The current gen PCI-E 3.0 cards still cannot fully saturate the bandwidth of PCI-E 2.0.Really the only gain of having a 3.0 slot would be with a dual GPU card such as the 7990.Probably the next gen of GPU will completely saturate 2.0 which will then warrant a 3.0 slot but that won't be for another year or 2.Another gain that might be considered about having a 3.0 slot is that you can run 2.0 GPU's in a x4 slot with no performance impact.

    I've been reading around and rumor has it that AMD's new motherboards(the 10xx series chipsets) still aren't going to have PCI-E 3.0 slots.They must feel that it still isn't needed yet.
  7. Ok,so do you think that there is still some years left for PCIe 2.0 even with the the new cards like the 7xxx and the new 6xx and beyond?

    Of course, PCIe x16 is still in use. 2.0 should last for at least 2-3 years
  8. Right now the 7970 is just on the verge of being bottlenecked by the PCI-E 2.0 slots but their is still a little headroom.My guess is that the next gen of card(8xxx series and GTX 7xx series) will fully saturate the 2.0 slots and will need a 3.0 slot.But if the GTX680 is anything like Nvidia did with the GTX580 you might see it being choked a bit in a 2.0 slot.
  9. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/49646-amd-radeon-hd-7970-3gb-review-21.html

    Here's some benchmarks. I wouldn't say it's on the verge but I'd like to see some x8 vs x16 2.0 tests.
  10. No you wouldn't.That's a really nice setup.But if your waiting for an Ivy Bridge CPU you might as well get a z77 chipset based mobo.
  11. Is the Z77 chip out yet then?if not do you know when its likley to be out.
  12. I heard that it was supposed to be released sometime around when Ivy Bridge launches.
  13. Ok,not so far off then.Do you know what the differences are going to be between the two chip sets. I do believe that the Z68 chip set boards are going to be compatible with Ivy Bridge cpu`s. Just to add one more thing,i know its not graphic based but saves starting another thread,i was reading some other posts and someone mentioned overclocking a core i5 2500k and said that there ram would have to be 1.5v,now i am new to overclocking,why is this.? The ram i am looking at getting is 1.45-1.55v,would this be ok to overclock a i5 2550.
  14. Yes I believe all of the 1155 boards are compatible with Ivy Bridge.On the Z68 vs the Z77 it's not a huge difference at all in a performance sense.It's more of just an update.Just adding native USB 3.0 support and of course PCI-E 3.0 but that can already be found on Z68 boards.And I believe they just made further improvements on the Intel Smart Response technology.

  15. Some boards will also have thunderbolt. The ram doesn't need to be 1.5 but 1.5 is the most common so is usually the cheapest. Ram doesn't even affect overclocking for SB.
  16. Ok,thanks for the info about the Ram but not sure what Thunderbolt is,if its anything to do with a Intel board then i know very little tbh,i have not had intel for some years but this up and coming upgrade will be Intel tho. The Bulldozer seems to have been somewhat of a fail from what i read so going to give Intel a go.
    Thanks to all who have replied to this thread,its been a big help.
  17. Thunderbolt is the ability to use the power from the USB port even if the computer is off.
  18. Oh ok,thats a neat little feature,i guess Thunderbolt is going to be on the Z77 boards and not on the Z68 boards. Sorry to ask another question but apart from less power consumption and PCI 3.0 is there going to be a significant difference between SB and IB because i am having quite a few PC problems and kind of want to get my upgrade up and running,is the difference worth waiting for.
  19. Thunderbolt is a connection like usb. Usb 3 is 5Gb/s, thunderbolt is 10Gb/s. Currently it's only on mac but ib is when it starts coming to pc. Intel did make it so they are pushing it a bit and I would understand not many people know about it as it is pretty new. As with other ports, there will be expansion cards to add it to a pc without it so it's not a big deal. IDK what purple stank is confusing it with. But using usb with the pc off can work on many computers today. My z68 I have now supports that.

    Most of the differences are common benefit of newer cpus. IB is supposed to be 10-20% better performance than SB as with any tick or tock. (That just means any new cpu release really: die shrink or new microarchitecture) For games you won't notice a difference. SB is plenty powerful but IB is going to cost the same so a bit extra cpu power doesn't hurt.
  20. Interesting,if its going to be around the same price point then it may be worth delaying my upgrade,i do believe that the IB is out some time in April,cant be 100% sure tho,guess we will just have to wait and see.
    Tom`s is worth its weight in gold,many thanks for the reply.
  21. Yah i'm sorry.I dunno what I was thinking,lol.Totally different topic.
  22. Hey,no worries,you have been a great help,your input has been greatly appriciated
  23. I am on the same boat, waiting for the Ivy bridge CPU and the HD 7870. All PCIe 3.0 system.
    Deciding if i should buy a cheap CPU to use while waiting. Like the Intel G530.
  24. Well,i read in another post that Haswell will be out next year,so what i might do is go with the i5 for now,miss out the IB and then get Haswell...........to many CPU`s, i just dont know what to do lol.
  25. Something new comes out every 6 months. Don't buy something having a later upgrade in mind, that's just a waste of money. As I said SB is plenty powerful and an upgrade won't affect gaming. Buy i5 sb now if you can't wait, if it's not much trouble then wait 2 months for the new stuff. Always buy what you need, when you need it, or you will be in a constant waiting. Other than trigates there really isn't anything groundbreaking for IB. Haswell should not even be considered if you are looking to buy.
  26. This is why you are a Veteran,that makes complete sense,i guess you would be always chasing your tail (no pun intended trigger) if your trying to keep with new updated hardware. Many thanks for that reply.
  27. Veteran is just a post count rank really (or forum activity actually). This issue comes up quite a bit, people always want the best they can get. Especially with computers, the issue is you always hear about next gen stuff and get hyped. There are times where I have suggested a pentium g for a later IB i7 upgrade, but this is rare. Everyone's situation is different, but my advice in the last post pertains to most people.

    Trigger? You mean tigger? It's actually hobbes.
  28. Oh yes,lmao,i have calvin and hobbes books,i should have known better,thats what a glance does for you,just goes to show i know nothing lol but joking apart,your advice has been very helpful and very much appriciated and along with the other replies will help me with my upgrade.
    Thank you.
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