APC Back up suddenly cuts off

I currently have apc BE750G which is 450W.I used to use this on a system with a 350W power supply with no problems.Until recently i got a new system after, the old one failed.But suddenly the ups would suddenly make a beep tone and cut off.I already bought a replacement battery for this unit and the problem still occurs.
The system specs are 600W PSU, ATI Radeon HD7770, Intel i7-2600,22 inch led lcd LG monitor.Along with a dsl modem, and a wireless router.Would buying a 600W ups solve the problem?
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  1. if the power supply in the new unit has/uses active power factor correction then you probably need to switch to a pure-sinewave or true-sinewave UPS.

    You also should contact APC about the UPS beeping. I know ours only beeps when a voltage spike hits it form the ac line. anything on the pc side puts it into alarm.
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