Need help finding a decent gaming computer

Lets be honest right now I am a noob when it comes to computer's
im looking for a gaming computer since im a gamer and I am looking into upgrading
into a new computer in a couple of months since im stuck with a gateway 505gr right now
lmfao for years and my price range will be maybe around $400-500 or lower if you guys can
suggest me a good decent not to expensive gaming computer it would be nice also
because with my computer now I can run some games such as Tera online but not Firefall =/
Tera online I can run it but I lag like crazy even in low settings lol but I am able to play it fine
sometimes but not always =[

For you pc gamers please send me a link to a computer
that will be decent for gaming without any trouble I am not
looking for any expensive computers like my friends they have 1k+
Pc's I honestly don't see spending that much unless you want
a really really good gaming computer -.- I am just looking for a decent one
that can run most games in high and not lag like really terribly!

Also as in computers/gaming I honestly don't know what
to look for as in the specs all I know is dual core and quad core
everything else I don't know all I can tell you is dual core is good enough
but quad core is even better lol since its kinda common sense dual means 2
and quad means 4 lol so please! can you guys just send me links to
computers that are around my price range that is good for gaming :] thank you!

-If I posted in the wrong section I am very sorry because this says system
so I thought I could ask my question here, but if it flows into gaming please
move it for me thank you x]

Just in case you may ask Laptop or Desktop
both will do I kinda wanna get a Laptop since
its portable and I can game anywhere!
but if those are more expensive Desktop please (:
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  1. There are no pre-built gaming computers (besides alienware and cyberpower, but they're like $1k and not worth it). I'd suggest building your own if you're going for gaming. However, if you get a pre-built, it will play some games, but probably won't play all. You will definitely NOT be able to play most games at high with $500... $850 is basically the golden budget. You'll get high on some old games, but BF3, for example, will run on low on this one (or possibly medium). However, BF3 is the most taxing game atm (besides Crisis... cut me some slack techies). I'm really bad with builds at that budget, but I think you'd go along the lines of:

    CPU: i3-2120 dual core
    GPU: 6850
    Mobo: H61? I don't know much about non-overclocking motherboards
    Case: Antec Three Hundred Illusion or HAF 912
    RAM: 4GB should be fine... 8GB if necessary (although probably not) of CAS9 DDR3-1333 1.5v RAM.
    PSU: Antec 550W Continuous 80+ rated or something along those lines

    Total that'll be about $450, estimating. I haven't included an HDD, OS, monitor, keyboard, mouse, or speakers/headset. That's because I'll bet you can reuse them from your old build.
  2. Not bad I will look into that (: thanks for the specs!
    im glad it fits my price range xD hopefully from the specs
    of that computer I can run most games on high honestly
    I am not looking into going hardcore gaming as in like you said
    BF3, Crysis etc. :P im more of an mmorpg fan
  3. I'm pretty sure most MMORPGs will run fine on that. Check out this thread that I participated in that talked (actually, we're still talking) about a WoW build for a small amount of money:

    It's above your price range, but if you keep the GPU the same as I stated, it will probably fit.
  4. Alright awesome I will check that out :] once again thank you so much
    for the build will most likely go for that knowing that my friend is amazed of the
    graphic card since hes running a gtx 460 we look up this site
    and he said if you get that you beat me by alot hes below by 12
    which showed me something worth getting! xD
  5. Yeah, the 6850 has been out for a while and it's great for price/performance. At the moment, AMD Radeon GPUs offer better price/performance, but NVidia GPUs offer better performance at a higher price (nothing comes close to the 680...).
  6. Just about any modern computer can play MW3 at max settings... it's not a very intensive game.
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