ARCTIC Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro VGA cooler

Hi i was wondering about my gpu temps thats been annoying me i really dnt like my stuff running high temp and also a stupid fan making too much noise specially when its the only thing making noise in my machine.

So there i was looking at a few vga coolers but i hit a big rock.

The ARCTIC Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro VGA cooler says its has compatibility with Radeon HD 6790 on its list but i ain't sure. Any1 know if it will direct fit to a HD 6790. Since it is rather cheap compared to the new series it would be just awesome if this worked with the HD6790.

If not please advise on a cooler that runs super quiet at 100% fan speed and provides marvelous cooling. Something inaudible at 50cm from a Tt V3 chassis with a Zalman cnps 7500 alcu.

Well my gpu stock cooler is the only annoying 1 and having my gpu idle at 60c on 60% fan spd is no good. Something no more than 50USD would do.
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  1. Ok forget that this cooler is discontinues, change of plans.
    I will be going 6790 CF and i need a cooler that goes no more than 5cm Height on board.
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