Do I have my SSD plugged in the correct SATA port?

Mobo: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

I have my crucial M4 128 plugged into SATA port (SATA2-4 Black) which is #16 on the manual motherboard layout page.
Is this the correct port?
I just read the manual and it said that 4 black ports are 3gb while the 2 gray ports (which are hidden because of my long GPU) are 6gb/s data transfer rates.

So should I plug it in one of the gray ports or do I leave it where I have it?
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  1. Also in the manual it says that the 4 black SATA ports are "Serial ATAII Connectors" while the 2 gray ports are "Serial ATA3 Connectors"
  2. Ok so I went ahead and changed it to the gray port and this is the benchmark:

    is this good?
  3. Looks good.
  4. Pyree said:
    Looks good.

    Also - I just found out that Crucial has new firmware for the M4s. After doing the firmware update..I got even better results:

    so yea if anyone has an m4..I suggest doing the firmware update.
  5. Don't run benchmark too often on SSD thou.
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