Possible failing 4870?

I came home from college recently and I have found that my monitor is not recognizing my video card. Here are the things that I noticed.

1) Often my monitor(Dell 14 inch monitor) does not recognize my video card and thus is in standby mode.
2)Sometimes my monitor did recognize my video-card but apparently something has gone terrible awry with my Windows 7, there was an attempted repair on it but in the middle of the repair the process gets stuck.
3)The 4870 has three green lights.
4)Before when my computer turned on there was always this very loud sound of the fan starting at a loud speed, then decreasing to the level i set in ccc(around 40%). But now that loud sound does not happen ad it is automatically like it is at 40%.

Does anyone know what is going on and how I can fix it?

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  1. Have you tried a different monitor?

    could be a bad monitor causing the display problem.

    Often video cards can spin the fans at full speed during post. then once windows is loading and they cards have a chance to read from their temp probes the cards will slow the fan speed back down.
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