Video cam with no picture but sound/mic works in Win7-64

Win 7 -64bit operating system on refurbished Emachine dual core AMD. All latest software updates have been
done and still no video/picture. Logitech C910 Cam but blue light does not come on indicating
it is operational. Tried a new Microsoft Cam and same issue so presume it has something to do with the
system. Video in system is Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nforce 430. Any suggestions?
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  1. does it been detect in control panel under system peripheral
  2. Yes. it shows under imaging devices and indicates working properly. They system detects it when unplugging from USB and plugging back in. Tried a Logitech Pro 9000 and a Microsoft new Cam and all the video/picture. My son said when he had called tech support for emachines he was told Logitech was not compatible with the system but I find that hard to believe. Could it be an inadequate power supply? or video lacks capability of handling it?
    It also shows up under sound/video/game controllers. This is an AMDIIx2 260 processor system.
  3. Can you type "Silverlight" into the search menu. Click on Microsoft Silverlight (If you have it) and go to the tab of Webcam/Mic. See if it works.
  4. I saw your statement about your reward is helping veterans. I am trying to get this working for my son's system as he is in Afg. for a yr and wants to see his wife and 2 sons. 5 & 1 1/2 yrs old. Thanks for any help~
  5. i would remove the logitech driver and reinstall the new on link also camera have 2 years warranty if this is not working e-mail for support
  6. I installed the latest Silverlight version and the cam works there. Blue light comes on too.
    Does that mean it is something to do with the driver? I will remove the driver and reinstall with the link scout provided and see if that does it in the Logitech software and with Skype. Stand by...
  7. uninstalled logitech software/drivers. Clean install and still the same issue but in Silverlight the cam works. Still unable to see picture within Logitech software and Skype.
    Surely it can't be this difficult? I have installed cams on my own computers and they worked fine.
  8. RESOLVED: Quick call to Logitech support this morning. Removal of all Video Cam software, and Drivers thru Device Mgr, rebooted machine and then without any software or driver installation was told to plug in the cam. Drivers were auto installed and worked. Then installed the Logitech software and all working GREAT.
    Thanks all for your support and help~!!
  9. Could you please give some more details ? I am having the exact same problem with my C170 webcam. Doesn't work anywhere but it is visible in Silverlight. I tried uninstalling the drivers in Device Manager and restarting, but that did not help either.
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