How to get wireless at work

I want to get wifi for my laptop and ipod at work, i cannot add a router to the system lol not a option. Is there a thing i can plug into the dekstop here so i can get the internet off of it? There has to be somthing out there that can do this. Because these computers are wired.
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  1. tinkering with a company network without permission could be grounds for termination.

    better find out what the company rules are.
  2. i agree with emerald that is not worth your job!
  3. Oh im co owner lol its a akward situation. lol i just dont want to add a wireless router
  4. oh ok!
  5. is there any way to do this or not? i can add a router if i want but it will mess up the J-Con system
  6. can you add a router to create a separate wireless network by connecting it's WAN port to your current network?
  7. it goes modem-netopia switch-multi modem i have no idea
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