AMD Phenom II X4 820 and AMD A8-5500

Hello guys,
I am in need of some help.

I recently bought a new HP Pavilion - HP Pavilion p7-1235
It is equipped with an AMD A8-5500 processor APU which I believe is based on Trinity/Piledriver with base clock of 3.2ghz.
It comes with 8gb of RAM and ATI Radeon 7560D integrated graphics.

I have another PC that is also an HP Pavilion - HP Pavilion p6404y
It has an AMD Phenom II X4 820 which runs at 2.8ghz
It has an Nvidia Geforce 210 video card and 16gb of DDR3 RAM

Now I picked up the HP Pavilion p7-1235 at Staples for $489 total

I looked at the Windows Experience Index score and the processor in both of these PCs is a 7.2
Memory is basically the same with the older pc with 16gb of RAM having a .3 score better

The graphics in the HP Pavilion p7-1235 are rated at 6.7 - which beats the old PC which scored a 5.8 and 5.1

So I guess my question is - what is the performance difference between these two processors?

Everything I've read suggests that the A8 performs better than the Phenom II x4 - but now I have my doubts since the windows experience score rates them the same.

Part of the problem is the Trinty chip is so new that I can't find a lot of data on it.

If someone could give some advice I'd appreciate it as I'm so confused.
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  1. The A8 is a like an Athlon 2 with a decent GPU integrated into the processor. The phenom 2's or athlons 2's do not have any integrated gpu, its typically integrated on the motherbd if there is one. Like athlon 2's, they lack l3 cache.

    Just comparing CPU processing ability, a Phenom2 clocked the same as the a8 will perform slighly better in most cases.
  2. +1^
    The difference in the graphics score is the difference between the excellent built-in graphics of the A8 chip and the weak/obsolete discrete card mated with the Phenom. Install a better card with the Phenom and it will exceed the A8's graphic score.
  3. Actually, the A8-5500 IS a Trinity (Piledriver) based chip. I didn't know that myself until I just looked it up.
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