I need some 3D Demos to compare graphics settings.

Are there any 3d demos i can use to view tessellation effects, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering and other effects? A program where i can switch back and forth to while changing graphics settings in ATI Tray Tools? I don't want any of the ATI Ruby Demos, i want a relatively slow moving 3D Demo with preferably transparent objects in it as well so i can compare anti-aliasing modes.
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  1. could try unigine http://unigine.com/
  2. Unigine is a good one but I always use that in conjunction with OCCT and Furmark. It's always good to have multiple options.

    Additionally, there are free benchmark demos of Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5.

    Edit - adding links for you
  3. I'm not interested in benchmarking software, you know how catalyst control centre used to have an animated diagram above the sliders? I want a windowed animated image like that which changes as i change the graphical sliders. I've got OCCT and FurMark, and i find them really useful for stress test and benchmarking.
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