Last minute mobo/SSD question!

So I just spent waaay too much money on buying an EVGA SC Signature GTX 680 (man, that's a lot of words) for my first new build in almost a decade. I've already bought a Corsair 650TX PSU, a HAF 912 case, 8GB of Mushkin 1600 RAM, and I've got a bunch of fans from another machine. I'm already pretty set on an i5-2500K with a Hyper 212+ cooler, so the only things really left are the mobo and an SSD.

I had originally thought to buy an Asrock Extreme3Gen3, as I'm trying to save a little bit of money (though I guess that 680 begs to differ...) and I like the idea of not being shut out anything features-wise. I'll be overclocking, and I want the ability to use the integrated graphics in case my card has to be RMAd, and though I'm almost certainly not going to SLI, I like having the option available in case I change my mind. With all that in mind, is there a better option at this point? Should I get a different spec, like Z77? I may just be getting cold feet, but I'd appreciate some advice. I don't really want to spend more than $150, but I may be convinced by a really good argument.

As far as an SSD goes, I had planned on a 128 gig Crucial M4, as I was under the impression that it was pretty much the best balance of speed, reliability, and price at this storage level. Has this changed? I see lots of people recommending Mushkin Cronos, is that the new hotness?

Thanks so much for guiding me through this turmoil... I think I'm just getting confused as my build draws near to completion and could use a little help deciding. These two things have always been the components I was most confused about, so I would really appreciate someone dropping some knowledge on me. Thanks!
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  1. Since you are looking/getting a i5 2500K, get a Z68 motherboard. Should be cheaper, but as for a $150 mobo, Asus P8Z68-V LX? Might be to featureless.

    As for SSD, the "new hotness" is the Intel 520 series. Slightly more expensive than OCZ Vertex 3's. I got 120GB for $189.99, then retuned it for a 180GB model for $90 bucks more.

    But when it comes to SSD the bigger the better, but get what you can afford, even if it's just 60-64GB. It'll get your foot in the door, and you'll notice the difference!
  2. I was pretty sure the OCZ Vertex 4's are all the rage now. I own a Crucial M4 128GB and it gives very good bang for its buck.

    I highly disagree on the bigger the better for SSDs. 80-128GB is really going to be the sweet spot for most people. Remove the hibernate / pagefile and only use the drive for applications / games / your OS. With a Desktop it's easy to have a seperate .5-1TB drive for data storage and what not.

    Also, there are deals on SSDs all the time. Brand is pretty important, but if you can get a great deal on any ~120GB drive with good reviews I'd just jump on it.

    Also, keeping the option open to SLI a GTX680 seems somewhat pointless. By the time you need/want to upgrade the GPU, SLIing another 680 might not be the most cost effective option. Plus at that point you really will be straining your PSU, which will probably be a few years old by that point. There are plenty of sub 150$ boards that overclock a i5-2500k very well.
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