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Alright fols, so im in the middle of my first PC build. Its been a long time coming ive just been awfully busy in the smartphone world... anyway so the specs first, then to my question:

Rosewill Thor v2 case
Asus Sabertooth 990FX mobo
Vengeance series RAM 16gb 1666ghz
x2 Sapphire Radeon HD 7970
Rosewill 1000W Lightning series PSU

Temp Parts:

Unknown Creative brand Sound Card
4 Maxtor 250gb SATA
2 WD 120gb IDE

2 140mm NZXT Red led fans
NZXT LED 5 fan controller/temp monitor.

And the Question i have is about further cooling. The room ambient temp as we speak is.. 26C. my Case ambient is 29C, my core is 38C, and my ram is 30C. My harddrives are whats worrying me though, as i have six of the fellas all very close together. the satas sit below the IDEs, all one on top of the others in easy snap removeable trays. the temp monitor i have on one of these Satas is currently 40C, and the IDE is currently 41C. All of that is only with google chrome up, and netflix streaming, so in my opinion not alot of harddrive usage. I therefore shudder to think of the temp range when i push the guys!

The system has one 230mm fan in front, one 230mm on the side, one 140mm on the back, and two 140mm on the top. the top is exhaust, while the others blow in.

My question today is simple, what do you use in your rig, whats your temp ranges, do you think mine is too high, and what would you advise?
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  1. i wouldn't worry until you start hitting 50+C, try spacing em out as much as you can, put the hot one at the bottom ect.
  2. I would do that but I have six drives in six slots, there's no more room haha. I'll be upgrading to flash drive for os and a couple teras, but I do have my fears of overheating and killing everything, shouldn't my temps be lower though? I know they run hot, but that 12 degrees above ambient with only 8% usage. :o What is up with that?
  3. doesn't surprise me that they run that hot, i have 1 low rpm hardrive sitting under an SSD, and it's running at 33C, so if you have 6 hardrives sitting next to eachother, there bound to run hotter

    but don't get worried unless there passing 50C
  4. When I get home tonight ill push em to their limits for awhile, and if they go over 50 ill let you know
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