Considering the following for an complete overhaul.

Old system is giving up the ghost, looking to spend around $1000 when's all said and done. After some research, here's what I may go with.

What do you guys think?

WDC 1TB 7200 64MB
EVGA GTX 560 x2
G.Skill Sniper 4GB x2 2133 DDR3
i5-2400 Sandy


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  1. Bump the CPU to i5-2500K.

    Drop the RAM to DDR3-1600, CAS/CL 8 if not too much more than CAS/CL 9.

    What power supply? You'll need (I think) 750W to SLI the GPU's.
  2. Was considering the Chip upgrade.

    Why the Ram drop might I ask?

    PS is a 950w.

  3. DDR3-1600 is the "sweet spot" for Sandy Bridge processors, probably will be for Ivy Bridge, too.

    You won't notice much diference in the speed (with your eye), so don't waste the extra money to get faster memory. Spend that on more memory, to get 8GB (2x4GB kit).
  4. Thx for the head's up!

    The reason I ask is that the Mobo I'm looking at lists its standard memory as 2133+. Will running 1600s cause a problem?

  5. No the 2133 is only for extreme overclocking bragging rights(e-peen) or mine is bigger than yours.
    As stated above the performance difference will ony show in synthetic benchmarks. Real world difference will be 1% to 3% maximum.
    Also make sure the memory you choose is 1.5v . 1.65v memory "can" (according to Intel)kill your processor and instantly voids your warranty.
  6. I appreciate the info guys, I really do!

    Any other suggestions on the build? I'm always one for good advice.

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