What are safe temps for GPU

i check mine in speed fan playing swtor and its up at 70-75c..

i5 2500k stock
8gb ram 1333
560ti 448 core
CM 212+
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  1. That temperature is safe for a high end nvidia card, is the card running at stock clocks or is it overclocked? If it has a factory overclock, which a lot of the 560TI 448s do, then the temps will be higher. If you want to lower the temps a bit, you can download MSI Afterburner and use it to set custom fan profiles, a more aggressive fan profile may help reduce the temps.
  2. If those temps are under load there not that bad. My rule of thumb is not to run any higher than 80c, that is were problems start. Even if your card is rated for 99c. Just don't go past 80c.

    Here are two links one for MSI Afterburner and one for core temp. Good luck


  3. My 7950gt (old nvidia) runs up to 120c according to the monitor. Then I cleaned out the dustbunnies and it'll run up to about 110c. Either the monitor is wrong or it really is getting this hot. Doesn't seem to hurt the old tech much.

    I'm amazed how cool the newer stuff runs.
  4. Yep, that's fine. My old 9800GT used to hit up a 100C playing Warhead.
  5. thats fine for that gpu :)
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