A good budget graphics card for a Gateway GT5662

I am upgrading my power supply to a 750w and I am wanting to upgrade my graphics card to run BF3, MW3, SWTOR, Diablo 3 (when it ever comes out), Guild Wars. Below are my computer specs. I'm a novice at computer building so I'm not to familar with changing them out but I'm sure this website will help alot. What would you guys suggest. My budget is around 100 to 200.

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  1. Radeon 5770/6770 or wait for the 7770
  2. just overclock your cpu and get hd 6850 or hd 6870 on that price :)
  3. yes it will
  4. Thank you
  5. yes it will work and good gpu of its price:)
  6. Thanks...thats what I was thinking that it seemed pretty good for the price....plus a free game!!
  7. I had to change it up a little cause the other one was to long....what do you think about this one:

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