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I have no clue what I'm looking for. All I know is that to play MW3 on my computer, I need a "video card" says to use Raedon or GeForce.. if I have this card, is that all I'll need to play?
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  1. The biggest card that you can get into and that is providing that your power supply is a 300w or better and the only card that will fit is a low profile card. So you need to check your power supply to see if it is a 300w or not.

    Then you have to look for a card that shows low profile in the decription. The 6670 will play most games on med to low settings but I could be wrong about that I am not a AMD fan.
  2. It depends which version you have, there are different sizes. The minitower, desktop and sff will all support a 6670 which will play mw3 on high. It needs to be a single slot and for the desktop or sff it needs to be low profile. A video card is all you will need to play mw3, the rest of your specs are fine, although if you have a pentium 4 or celeron d it might not play so well.
  3. for you hd 6670 will be the best choice it can play all games on medium settings and uses less power.:)
  4. The Dell Optiplex 745 only has PCI Express 1.0a slots. It can't support the HD 6670 cards that everyone is recommending as all the available HD 6670 cards require a PCI Express 2.1 slot.
  5. The optiplex 745 is as you said a 1.0 slot but has an updated bios that is compatible with 2.1 cards. Of course it is still running 1.0 speeds but that does not affect performance at the low end such as this.
  6. ^+100% ;)
  7. k1114 said:
    The optiplex 745 is as you said a 1.0 slot but has an updated bios that is compatible with 2.1 cards. Of course it is still running 1.0 speeds but that does not affect performance at the low end such as this.

    Right, but not all 2.1 PCI Express cards are fully backwards compatible with the 1.0a slots as I understand it. Without complete knowledge of what cards will work and what won't with your board - updated BIOS or not - you're taking a gamble on buying a 2.1 card. It's a under $100 card, but if you buy it and it turns out it isn't compatible with your board, you just wasted whatever you paid for it unless you have another system to slot it into. Yeah, it's a drop in the bucket compared to some of the overclocked custom gaming rigs out there, but someone running a Optiplex 745 as their main system probably doesn't have the kind of money sitting around to afford to take a $100 risk.

    I've looked around, but I can't seemed to find a compatibility chart out there to take that risk out. It'd be really helpful to know whether or not the card you're looking at will work with the mobo in your tower before you buy it after all.
  8. There is some info about if all the PCIe 3.0, 2.1, 2.0, and 1.0 weather or not they are backward compatible. It all depends on how old the PC's MOBO is. After tracking a older forum from here, this I would read.

    After reading other post the 2.1 will work in the 1.0 but your MOBO has to have had constant updates to the bios. So age and updated bios and if either one is true or false then you are taking a 50/50 chance if it will work.

    The two links will explain both concepts. Very good reading. Good luck to ya I hope this answers your question.
  9. It is about your mobo not the card. I can't really think of a better way to say this but: the card has no compatibility with the slot, the mobo is the one that needs to be compatible with the card. A 1.0 mobo with an updated bios will be compatible with all 2.1 cards.

    6670 should be bought at $70, the 6770 is $100 and is a bit above the safe power usage. I haven't posted a specific link because I need to know which case he has. Even the low profile one sunnk posted will not fit in the desktop or sff because the fan makes it double slot.
  10. As of yesterday I have a 6570 running in my 745 (desktop) with BIOS 2.6.4, so I don't see why a 6670 wouldn't work since both are 2.1
  11. ya sounds crazy huh? Well if the 6570 works then why not the 6670. Have you tried it? You know if it doesn't work then just return it to the store or where ever you get it from. Anyway that is good news about 2.1 working in a 1.0.
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