Amd fx-8120 zambeizi 8 core and windows 7 issues *need help!!*

Forgive my grammar and typos im at work on my phone and hard to type but at any rate. Got the fx-8120 on my first build everything went well with assembly temps are fine but im having an issue with windows 7 crashing, temp at times of crash are anywhere from 34-40 celsius no lock up just straight reboot. Did some research and found that windows 7 isn't compatible with all 8 cores the CPU utilizes so found a hot fix and that seems to made things better but it still crashes from time to time. My question is anyone have any ideas to fix this? Or should I just buy a quad core CPU and chalk it up as a loss? Im running windows 7 64 bit home edition.
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  1. there is no such thing tht windows 7 cant runn or incompatible to run 8 cores its not ur windows issue i guess u have setup sm kind of temp setting in ur bios which is causing ur cpu to reboot as soon as it goes up beyond tht setted temp . check ur bios
  2. Ill check it but at first it wasnt a reboot it was just shut off after hotfix it became a reboot. ill check when I get home andpost results.
  3. A power supply that is too weak, or is failing will cause that.
  4. It could be as simple as bad RAM. Download memtest and let it run for 3 full passes. Reinstalling your OS would be a good idea if you downloaded a "fix" that wasnt ever needed.
  5. The fix has helped and I posted the psu in the psu board with full specs and someone said it should be good. Im thinking it may be bios related I had to rush out the door right when I found the issue so haventhad too much time to tinked.
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