Best option to max out 1920x1200?

Yeah so I recently bought the components to build my own gaming rig. My current specs:
Core i7 2600k @ 4.0gHz on air
8GB DDR3 1600MHz dual channel RAM
Zotac GTX 550Ti Software OC @ 1000/2000
MSI mobo
630W Corsair PS
Rosewill gaming case
60GB SSD OS/1TB storage

Now my question to you is this:
I don't like the way the 550Ti is performing in my resolution. I have a nice 1920x1200 monitor and my goal was to max out Skyrim and BF3 mainly. The 550Ti just doesn't cut it at this resolution. I really like PhysX and Nvidia, always been a fan boy. Had this system for about 2 1/2 months and I'm honestly just sick of the stuttering on ultra in Skyrim with 0xAA and 0xAntistrophic. I'm a PC gamer enthusiast and constantly in competition with my mates, so I would really like to max out those 2 games with AA and Antistrophic all the way up. My budget is ~500 USD and I've been looking at GTX 580's but I know they do fairly well in BF3 at 2560x1600 ( so I was really leaning towards a nice GTX 570 since I have a much smaller resolution. What card would any reader recommend and maybe give me some personal experiences with said card with these games? Also I don't mind if you recommend an AMD card, as I was also looking at them. As long as you tell me I can push the settings up to MAX and still use PhysX and all the shiny graphics in Batman Arkham City and what not, i'm a happy camper.

In short, I'm just looking to max out those two games with AA maxed at 1920x1200 at a very smooth framerate (not crazy about 60fps so that's not required). I'm also not looking to "future proof" this machine and I don't really want to wait till Kepler as i'll be probably buying their highest teir card when they decide to release it in my next build anyways. Once again not looking to future proof, so I don't want to overkill my fps at this resolution. Simply give me EXACTLY what I need to MAX out those games and not overkill it. Don't want to spend 500 on a 580 when the 570 will give me a solid 45fps if you know what I mean.

Thanks in advance and let me know how I did on this question. (this is my first post :D)

EDIT: I was also looking for a SINGLE card solution, however I wouldn't mind any recommendations that say otherwise, once again open to any personal experiences, as I find those to be the most helpful.
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  1. if you install hacked drivers you can use physx on AMD cards with your 550ti in. For $500 the best card to get is the 7950 and OC it, it will max skyrim no problem and I think max bf3.

    If you want to stick to nvidia, the best deal is probably just to get 2 560 tis in SLI as they are much better than the 580 in price for performance.
  2. well in my opinion you should go for the newer tech and its better to get an single high end cards instead of sli/cf so for that budget go for the hd 7950 and after 2years or earlier or later whenever you want crossfire.:)

    its an sapphire hd 7950.

    sapphire cards always performs above the price even they are cheaper in price.:)
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