Unlock ati overdrive for xfx 6950 "dual fan"

I got this card:

XFX 6950 "dual fan" 2gb ddr5

Which I want to overclock through ati catalyst overdrive. I know the speeds are limited to 840mhz but most people ive heard who OC'ed it, said it could easily be oc'ed to 950. This without changing voltages and even keeping temperatures at same level idle and full load as the stock 800mhz.

I know XFX are baws when it comes to OCing and this card is made for keeping heats down. Dual fans + extra heat dissapation.

I dont like MSI afterburner and it didnt exactly overclock my card either, even when i unlocked MSI afterburner limits, the card didnt go over 840mhz..I checked this with gpu-z..

So how do I unlock the ATI overdrive for this card?

If you got any extra thoughts or tips for me regarding the oc, please tell.
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  1. just press the gold Padlock in CCC when in the AMD overdrive section and it enables you to change the settings
  2. Dude, ive already done that..I want to OC my card higher than possible in CCC without using MSI afterburner.

    Right now ive overclocked it to 840 mhz in CCC....
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