God hope I didn't mess up!

Ok so I went to install my Core i5-3570k on my Sabertooth Z77 for the first time.

The plastic cap (on the board) removable instructions said that you need to ioen the latch, place the CPU correctly, then close the handle and "if" it's installed correctly the plastic cap will pop up automatically.

NOW here is what happen, I am sure I placed the CPU right..
I went to close the handle - BUT - the handle moved slowly, hardly, and I felt strong resistance, I went to check if everything was ok and it was. So inspite the stiffness and resistance I tried forcing the handle slowly and surely, I heard what sounds like a creacking noise (I think it wasthe plastic :S) and finally I managed to close it.

Now the plastic cap didn't pop out (like completly) as much as it detached one side, and then I only had to pull the plastic cap with my finger easily.

PLEASE tell me the truth, have I done this right !?
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  1. What plastic cap are you talking about? The one that's in the CPU socket on a new motherboard or the loose one that is covering the bottom contacts on a new CPU chip? Either way, both are to be removed before placing the CPU into the motherboard socket.
  2. I am talking about the first one, the one that suppose to pop out when installed the CPU correctly and close the latch.

    And what is the second one?? sry I don't think I removed anything, I didn't want to touch the bottom.... errrrrrrr....
  3. Readed the Manuel it sounds like you did it right. Just cause the cap didn't pop off all the way i wouldn't worry about it. CPU only go in one way' as long as you lined up the notches it should be fine.
  4. I dont think there was cover.. cuz the cpu fit nicely on the 2 notches... aside from the hard plastic all around wraping, that you need to open, is there some sticker on the bottom??? does that make sense !?
  5. I went step by step by the manual, there is no "remove cap from the bottom of the CPU guide or drawing.."

    Also, please tell me: the now metalic frame that hold the cpu in place (after the plastic poped off) is not completely simetrical on the cPU, I'm pretty sure that the cpu was installed right, cuz I tried to move it very gently and it didn't. But now the fram gaps at the two side between the fram and the CPU is not simetrical, like one seems more close to the cpu side, then other less.
  6. how do i post ?
  7. Can you post any pictures?
  8. Is this the cap you are talking about? The one with the yellow sticker on it?
  9. mine is different but yes, and in my case, it looks different, it is attached to the frame and detach automatically when cpu is placed and latch is closed.

    How do I post pictures?
  10. You need to upload it to something like photobucket and

    Look near my name, along that line near the report button says bb code, click on that, it will show you what i wrote plus that what you need to post a pic.
  11. um....
    waitthe link doesnt work
    Can I send u email meanwhile?
  12. I have photo bucket, now what?
  13. Okay, I think I know which one you mean:

    If you didn't remove this before, then I guess there might be no harm done. Only real way to check is to open the latch and check if there are no bent pins in the socket. If you're not used to installing CPU's, then it might seem like it takes a lot of force to close the latch.
  14. Mine works, try refreshing the page.
  15. damnnit how do I upload in that program, the green button is unpressable.
  16. did it work? I posted the link in the google chrome bar between
  17. Here is a video of a cpu install on your board and the cap your talking about.

    Looks right to me.
  18. Looks like you installed it correctly. I've never seen a socket cover like that before that tells you to remove it after installing the CPU. Sounds like you did it right.
  19. The image tags didn't work, but I fixed it for you.

  20. Looks right to me. I never heard of that either thats y i looked up a video.
  21. Ok, going to apply Noctua thermal paste now, and Noctua NH-d14 cooler.

    Lol that video is not too useful, lots of swearing too :) but I see their latch is stiff and hard too.
  22. Best answer
  23. Oh and btw, I'm going to put a pea size bulb of thermal paste at the centre. and then apply to Noctua cooler on top of it.
    Many advised that this is the best way.

    I'm also using the Corsair Graphite 600t case, didn't add extra fans, but many say that cooling is very good with the case. I will sen you some more pics.
  24. Yeah, you should be fine. Good luck with rest of your build.

    Edit: Try putting the size of a grain of rice, not a pea.
  25. Ransome said:
    Ok, going to apply Noctua thermal paste now, and Noctua NH-d14 cooler.

    Lol that video is not too useful, lots of swearing too :) but I see their latch is stiff and hard too.

    I didn't have the sound up lol just fliped through to the end where i seen the cap comming off.
  26. Jay thanks once again! I'm almost done, and thanks everyone, wish me luck, hope everything goes well from here.

    Here are some photos of my build "penthouse" :]

    Please share your thoughts. And imagine a large Noctua NH-d14 at the middle.
  27. Your welcome, good luck!
    That heatsink might limit space for the 1 RAM slot..
  28. Might, but the Noctua Nh-d14 is compatible, and some users say it does fit, I might allivate the side fan a bit if it doesnt fit..
  29. Did, it! man it was difficult.
    The final part when you need to tighten the two spring covered built in screws of the heatsink, to the mounting bars pins, I went on nothing, and kept spinning on air untill I found the right alignment, pressed a bit on the pins, and screw it using a long screwdriver (under some minor pressure).

    Now I trying to decide wether to use the Noctua ultra silent cables, to make it less noise, or to use full power and enjoy better cooling. If there is no difference then I rather go with extra cooling (if I won't hear the difference over the rest of the case), what do you think?

    (lol don't remember if I asked you this already)
  30. Ultra silent cables?
    The cables don't make noise anyway...
  31. yeah, I mean the ULNA.
    if there is no real difference, I rather use short cables for cablemangement, and for even better cooling (I heard that it's good with ULNA, but I live in a warm country and room temptures could get pretty high)
    I would like to have a silent still.
  32. It stands for Ultra Low Noise Adapters, its an extention cable, that lower the RPM from 900 to 750 I think, and I don't remember what at the other fan.
  33. wht do u think?
  34. Oh, they have resistors in them, Test them, there won't be that much difference at low speed.
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