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  1. Hello, what do you mean swap audio?
  2. Crap.
    okay so i just got a new PC Aurora R4
    I have the geforce 555m Oem and an hdmi cable routing my audio and video to my tv.
    And i have audio out from tv going into my speakers and left and right are in the wrong place. With all other TV uses its in the right place for Cable, ps3, etc... but for PC the left and right are swtiched. this makes it annoying while playing skyrim and other games where you hear something and have to look in the Proper direction.

    any software fixes for this or perhaps a driver?
    using Windows 7 home.
  3. IF the left and right were swapped with all applications of my tv i'd switch the cables going in but since it isnt the only fix would be to switch them every single time i switch between pc and tv/ps3
  4. in the audio properties on the pc is usually a swap left and right option.
  5. where do i go to do that? i've looked just about everywhere. device manager, audio management programs, everywhere...
  6. Control panel > hardware and sound....
  7. manage audio devices? nothing to switch left and right.
    change system sounds? nothing to switch left and right.
    adjust system volume? nothing to switch left and right.
    Realtek HD audio manager? nothing to switch left and right.
    Nvidia Control panel? Nothing to switch left and right.

    so like i said i've looked everywhere.
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