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Triple 24-inch setup or 32-inch TV setup?

Hey guys,

Soo I'm planning to upgrade my 24" monitor to a 32 inch TV.
My brother suggested doing a triple monitor setup with 2 more 24" monitors
I currently have a GTX 560 Ti in my system and am ready to go for SLI if i have to.
Just wanted to ask you guys what would be a better choice, considering the price differences too.

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  1. i would go a 32" and get another 24"

    that way if they all support 1080P you can nvidia surround & have the 2 side monitors for peripheral vision.

    i have 22" 27" 22" and you dont notice the side monitors are smaller. just there to add that little bit more immersive gaming experience.
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    You running AMD hugostiglitz?

    With nVidia, you must have IDENTICAL screens to run them in surround. How identical? I mean identical. I tried running 2 Samsung 2333T with one Samsung 2333SW (I literally thought they were the same monitor, just that the T model name was the updated name) and it would not work. I had to purchase a third 2333T and then it worked fine.

    Honestly, triple monitors takes serious graphics horsepower. I went 3 monitors thinking my GTX 570's (2 in SLI) would be enough, but I'm just constantly starved for memory. The only graphics cards I would trust to run anything in surround vision would be 3GB 580's. I suppose AMD's new 7000 series is probably fine too, but I'm a green guy so I don't pay much attention to them or know much about them.

    Memory is key at huge resolutions. I'm eagerly waiting on Kepler so I can hopefully pick up some 4GB cards sometime this summer and I won't have to worry about memory anymore.
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  4. Thanks for the replies guys.
    But do you think 2 x 2GB EVGA GTX 560Ti's would be enough for a triple monitor setup?
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