Upgrade Q9650 to i5 3570k?

primarily a WoW player waiting to return with the next expansion (don't hate).

Considering an upgrade.

These pieces will be adopted to the new system;

Intel 520 SSD
GTX 470

Is it worthwhile to get an i5 3570k, ASRock Z77, and of course new DDR3 RAM?

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  1. yes very worth ..
  2. How about you overclock first and see what the performance gives you, then see if you want to upgrade!
  3. At the same speeds the move from the Intel® Core™ 2 Quad to the 1st generation Intel Core™ processors would show about a 15% to 20% performance improvement. Next the move from 1st to the 2nd generation Intel Core processors would yield around 10% to 15% performance improvement. The move from the 2nd generation Intel Core processors to the 3rd generation Intel Core processor is yielding around 6% performance increase. So at the same speed you would most likely well over 30% performance increase in overall performance. While games don't draw as much of their performance from the CPU you would still see some good performance increases by moving to the Intel Core i5-3570K and that is before you ever have a chance to overclock the processor.
  4. Games in particular are going to stress the GPU far more then the CPU. Is there a performance gain? Sure. Maybe 20-25%. I doubt your CPU is struggling in WOW though...
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