210$ ultra budget gaming pc

Hi buds I´m looking to build a new basic gaming pc,ill be playing cars and action games,maybe running pcsx2 too.Hope you can help me out

Approximate Purchase Date: next 3 months

Budget Range: 0-230

System Usage from Most to Least Important:gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies

Parts Not Required:keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS,hdd,cd drive,case

Preferred Website(s) for,,

Country: Dominican Republic(I can buy parts on USA)

Parts Preferences: by brand or type:

AMD Athlon 250 CPU



8gb of ram


SLI or Crossfire:No,maybe later

Monitor Resolution:1440x900

Additional Comments: Just want to make a basic gaming pc.

I know gpu is outdated but I hope to upgrade later.

Thanks .
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  1. If you're not looking to upgrade for a few months, I would wait and save up a bit more. If you can get into the $400-500 range you can get some better quality parts.

    You could also buy some parts used - nowadays you can get some deals on some better Core 2 Duos and 4870s.
  2. pickup an emachine from your local bestbuy. Much more cost effective than trying to custom build at that price range
  3. yeah your better off buying a prebuilt at those prices. Avoid best buy though lol
  4. Ok thanks buds.
  5. confish21 said:
    yeah your better off buying a prebuilt at those prices. Avoid best buy though lol

    but if i buy a prebuilt system it´ll be even more expensive than buying this budget pc.
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    Quite frankly there reason at all for that system to have 8 gigs of memory. get 4 for 20 bucks. Or an aftermarket HSF. take that money and stick it toward the CPU.

    Run it on the stock hsf for now, when you get another 30 bucks slap a hyper 212 on it, unlock it to a quad and overclock. That will be FAR more performance than you could EVER see out of the dual core. Athlon II. So thisvway your CPU isnyva complete throwaway part

    The 4850 shouldn't be horrible with your res and I cant really come up with better in the budget.

    If you aren't buying for 3 months though this discussion is silly. that 4850 will be gone, prices will change, parts will be discontinued. I dont see that you have a PSU? and save up another 50 bucks for a modern GPU
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