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Is this fan speed right?

Hi all,

Recently purchased a i7 3770k system from Microcenter. The CPU fan seems annoyingingly loud - so i installed SpeedFan and it seems to be running around 2600-2800rpm constantly, even at idle. The CPU temp reads around 36C.

The stock CPU fan is a CM12V. I was wondering if it should be running this high all the time? SpeedFan won't let me change the speed, I poked around the BIOS and the default setting was set to AUTO, the only other option is MANUAL, but i didn't really see any where to set temp settings and honestly I'm not sure what I'm doing there anyways. I just wanted some advice on if this is a normal situation.

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    Is the fan plugged in to the mobo directly? Or is it connected to the PSU?

    If it's plugged in to the PSU then it will only ever run at 100% speeds.
  2. Check with your motherboard company to see if you can adjust the speed of the fan through BIOS.
  3. I looked and the fan is connected to the motherboard. I talked to POwerSpec support and they said there wasn't much to do
  4. It is normal for the fan to run at a high speed to keep your cpu cool. How well is the cpu cooler cooling the temps on your cpu? If the cpu is going above 65degrees celsius then you will have a problem. Anything around 20-50 degrees is fine.
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