Should I buy cooler for my 2500k?

Hello guys, I recently built a 2500K system, thanks to all of you guys and your valuable suggestions without which it was not at all possible. :)
My configuration is >

>P8Z8-V-LE motherboard
>Intel i5 2500K CPU
>Stock cooler for CPU
>CM Elite 311 case, it has only one fan at backside
>Seasonic SII 620 W PSU
>Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD
>Windows 7 64 bit
>intel HD Graphics 3000 ( yeah, no dedicated GPU )
>4 GB Ram

I built it some 4 months ago and one day, I thought I should check the temperature of my system. So, I downloaded hwinfo and it showed about 40- 55 Celcius at idle and when playing games like MaxPayne3 and Shift, temperature goes upto 73 Celsius :ouch:

I became more concerned about this and started to monitor CPU temperature most of the times, I used four softwares for it,


real temp ,

asus AI suit (which came with drivers CD) This suit, also most of the time throws randomly weird warnings like V core is 0V or +5v=0 or CPU temp 75(at this time, in real temp and hwinfo it shows around 37-50)


While hwinfo and real temp both showed around 60-67, speedfan was at 80C :o !! I was amazed at this and did some research, after which I found out that there *might* be some bug in speedfan :heink: .

But still at load my temperature always hover around 60-70.
I tried to run prime 95 tests but during tests as temperature started to rise above 70, I stopped it, after that, temperature falls down to 55-60.

I have not overclocked or anything, everything is stock including my cooler.

Should I consider buying a better cooling solution? my case is CM Elite 311 (it has 160mm space for CPU cooler).

I was planning to buy CM Hyper TX3 EVO or CM Hyper 212 EVO. But here, the problem is, 212 is 159mm in height, will it fit my case? or is there any need at all?

Also, there is a space at the front of my case for attaching a fan, which one should I buy for that( I am really confused which fan should I be buying for this) ?

As always, help will be much appriciated. :)
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  1. You're fine for a stock cooler. Unless you start hitting over 80c you're not going to have any issues. The only reason you should look at a better cooler would be if you are interested in overclocking.
  2. The stock cooler is good unless you want to overclock. You wouldnt be able to use the CM elite 311 if you want to use the Cooler Master hyper 212 +/Evo as the case is only 159mm wide and the 212 is also 159mm and that does count the motherboard and the frame that it is mounted to.
  3. Yeah, those temps are fine especially since you are also using the integrated HD 3000 graphic core. If you were to install a graphic card like an inexpensive Radeon HD 6450, the temps should drop because you are no longer relying on the HD 3000 graphic core.

    At this point in time you should only have to worry about buying a 3rd party cooler if you intend on overclocking the i5-2500k.
  4. Thank you all guys!
    @jaguarskx : yeah I was thinking that way too. Maybe I should save some money on cooler and give it to a graphics card. It is obvious temperature rise due to use of HD3000 and is acceptable. I think I would buy a discrete GPU , can you suggest me a good budget, value for money graphics card? I am not really into all hype stuff and expensive ones. I have got one x16 PCIe slot.

    @IntelENthousiast: Thanks very much for that, I really needed to confirm this. I did not know that those 160mm covered mobo also. All I thought was that It is the absolute space availabe for cooler except mobo and frame! I was about to blindly order the 212 yesterday, but I though, as always I would confirm it with you guys, and you see, It saved me $$ .

    @trapper: thanks for that quick reply, so 80c is where I should start worrying. I see.

    So Now, I understand that I am not in much need of a cooler but though I have observed that when the temperature is about 70c, computer performance drops substantially, it takes more time to load programs, process and loading. After a restart, it is all ok again(including the temperatures ). I thought this might be because of insufficient ram so I started using smart ram cleaner by IObit, still, same performance drop at higher temps.

    I want to use this system for at least next 6-8 years and I want really don't want to see the life of cpu getting reduced due to heating. I wont be overclocking at least for next two years. Will it be able to perform upto it? (call me a little biased) but I have got a belief that the cooler is system the more longer it runs(is it true even?).

    And also, which fan should I install at the front of my case? in the case specifications it is stated that "Front fan : 120/140 mm "


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