I received the infamous BSOD

My computer is new only had it a month. I got the bsod and it told me to restart and if it happened again to follow the instructions. I have retarted and seems fine. So did it correct itself?
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  1. In almost all cases the problem that causes a BSOD doesn't correct itself.

    That being said, I would have to know a whole lot more about the parts you have and the events immediately preceding the BSOD to be able to tell you anything more than that.
  2. The "infamous BSOD" is simply your OS encountering a critical error. There are actually many different BSOD's depending on what the critical error is.

    For example if you have a faulty memory stick it can trigger a BSOD because the OS may not know how do deal with a specific fault. Note there are many different causes beyond just bad memory in both hardware and software relations.

    If it seems to run ok now, I would go with it until it happens again. When/if it BSOD's again, take note of the error message and write it down. The key part is going to be a 0x00000000 hexadecimal sequence that will indicate where the error is. Also, if it BSOD's take note of what software you had running and what you were doing with the error occurred. This would help to know if it's a software conflict.

    Also, If you are doing any sort of overclocking this can easily turn your OS unstable if you don't have stable OC settings.

    If you are worried about it, you can locate the crash error in the Event Viewer and look back to the date and time of the crash. There the system will record information on the event that crashed the system.
  3. +1 killermoats.

    PC hardware is mostly unchecked, literally sunspots could have caused the fail. If it doesn't repeat then no worries.

    Also, if you see anything on the bluescreen that looks like nnnnn.sys when nnnn is some name then google the nnnnn.sys This is the name of the driver that was running when the failure occurred, and googling it will tell you what device, then you can hunt down a later version of the driver (or install a known good earlier version)
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