Seasonic 500w PSU for my system

i have seasonic 500w
is this PSU enought for:
intel i5-3450 no OC
HD7850 factory OC to 975mhz 1200MHZ mem
H77 motherboard
seagate 1TB 7200.12
thnx :)
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    Excellent choice for a power supply. You will not have any problems powering your system.

    AMD recommends a 500 watt power supply with one 6-pin power cable for a desktop gaming rig with one Radeon HD 7850 video card.
  2. that recommendation minimum power for your system, if your GPU oc whitout raise voltage no problem .. actually 550W for OC is pretty
  3. It would be more than enough even with overclocking.

    I'm running a similiar setup with a i3-2100 using a Antec 380w. The 7850 uses quite a bit less power than my old HD5850 I just replaced.
  4. I checked the TDP for 3rd party overclocked 7850's. They are under 120 watts. I also took a look at power consumption during gaming. The total power draw at the wall outlet for an entire desktop gaming rig with an overclocked 7850 averages around 300 watts with brief peak power draws at 400 watts.

    AMD and Nvidia recommendations are conservative. By that I mean they overestimate power requirements on purpose. Let's face it, some users will purchases power supplies of really poor quality and questionable performance.
  5. thanks all for the help
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