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Games such as Max Payne 3 and Batman Arkham City are stuttering every 30 seconds or so. Crysis 2 which isn't installed through Steam runs a lot better. I have reinstalled Steam and reloaded my computer. Ran Steam in offline mode. Verified integrity of game cache. All drivers are up to date. My Proccessor maxes out in corrolation with the stuttering but it is a intel Quad core 2.66 so I would have thought thats good enough for a game like max payne which doesnt have the most advanced graphics. Also done diagnostics on CPU which showed no fault. Ran at just below 60oC.

My Graphics card is a GTX 570 and I have 6gb of ram. Nothing is overclocked (don't want to either) Windows 7 64bit. would running 32bit version do anything useful? Deleted all partitions and have my games running of system drive. Have scoured the internet for answers and have't decided if its Steam thats causing the problem or if it's faulty hardware. Any help would be appreciated, at my wits end. THANK YOU
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  1. What resolution are you gaming at?
    I'm afraid you are under a couple misunderstandings. First, Max Payne 3 is indeed a graphically demanding game. Especially when played at max/near max settings at higher resolutions. The second is that your C2Q (Q8400?) is 'good enough'. It is what I would call above marginal for MP3. Here is a tweak guide that may help you see where your CPU/GPU combo falls in relation to that game, and will give you some pointers to avoid stutter.

    Crysis 2 is also a bit demanding on components. More so if you have the Crysis 2 Texture Pack.
  2. Try to disable the Stem Community In-game and see how it runs, also the 2.66ghz might effect a few games if you have a lot running, but still should be plenty.
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