Time to upgrade my i5-750?

Hey guys, just looking for some opinions on a potential upgrade - I can get an i5-3570k + motherboard for $240 from my local Microcenter. I'm also going to upgrade my case as well, regardless of whether I upgrade my cpu (White Fractal R4).

I currently have:
i5-750 OC'd to 3.4GHz (not stable/too hot at higher frequencies)
8GB DDR3-1600
Radeon HD7950, OC'd to somewhere around 7970 speeds
64GB Crucial M4/2x 2TB storage
27" Catleap Q270 (2560x1440)

I'm trying to figure out if my CPU is bottlenecking me at the moment. Another option is to crossfire 7950's, but my mobo (P7P55D) apparently does not play well with crossfire/sli in terms of memory bandwidth. Thanks!
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  1. The real question is what are you doing with your computer? If this is a gaming system then I would stay where you are for a while yet. Maybe add an SSD like the Intel® SSD 520 (SATA III for the future) 120GB as a boot drive. Maybe I am wrong but I don't thing that you are going to get much improve right now with a new board and processor from what you have right now.
  2. What I would do:

    If it's unstable and getting too hot - yes, upgrade.
    If it's stable and staying cool - no, don't upgrade.
  3. I have a i5-760 (2,8Ghz instead of 2,66Ghz on the 750) that I OCed to 4Ghz stable and cold. I wont upgrade it this year, I think our CPU's are still very good and I wont upgrade it before the next gen of CPU.
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