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I'm looking to get a graphics card for my desktop. There is a game I play that doesn't like the intergrated graphics my computer has. If possible could someone tell me which of the listed cards below will work with my desktop and be priced under $200?

My Computer :

The specs for the game I want to upgrade for have these listed as possible graphics cards:

NVIDIA Graphics cards
9000 Series: 9600, 9800
200 Series: 275 GTX, 295 GTX

ATI Graphics Cards
4000 Series: 4850, 4870, 4890
5000 Series: 5850, 5870, 5970
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  1. The cheapest that will work on that is the 6870, but it will bottleneck, so I'd get a 6670.
  2. 6670? is that ATI or Nvidia? The game is pretty picky, so I'm going by the cards they list. I guess I should have asked out of the cards listed which is the best, under $200, and compatible with my pc.
  3. The 6670 is compatible.
  4. From the "Best Graphics Cards" post on this site for Feb. 2012, am I understanding the 6670 is Radeon HD? The reason I ask and also the reason I said the game I play is 'picky' is they have this in the fine print on the System Requirements page:

    The following cards are NOT compatible with Second Life:
    •NVIDIA cards that report as a RIVA TNT or TNT2
    •ATI cards that report as RAGE, RAGE PRO, or RADEON 320M, 340M, 345M, or similar model numbers
    •Intel chipsets less than a 945 including Intel Extreme
    •Cards with the following branding: 3DFX, RIVA, TNT, SiS, S3, S3TC, Savage, Twister, Rage, Kyro, MILENNIA, MATROX

    The following cards have not been tested with Second Life, and compatibility is not certain:
    •NVIDIA cards that report as Quadro
    •ATI cards that report as RADEON IGP or RADEON XPRESS
    •ATI cards that report as FireGL
    •ATI cards that report as FireMV
  5. yes the 6670 is hd radeon whats your budget for gpu
  6. what is the gpu? I'm sorry, I don't know much tech talk
  7. gpu means graphic processing unit which means an graphic card.:)
  8. Thank you, hopefully less than $200 as I just bought the pc THEN found out the graphics on it suck :)
  9. from which site u wanna buy graphics card?
  10. for your budget and cpu this card will be perfect.

    its an sapphire hd 6850 which is cheaper in price and better in performance.:)
  11. I don't have a preference when it comes to that, I just want to make sure it will work on my pc and fits the system requirements (listed earlier) of the game I practically live on when I'm not working.
  12. it will work perfectly with your computer.check the review for more clearification.

    go for that card good luck.:)
  13. The 6670 is none of those.
  14. thank you both, going to look at it now
  15. What's the game?
  16. Second Life Jessterman.. (also Forsaken World, but I have no problems with graphics on that one)

    and I just realized y'all were talking about two different cards lol the 6670 and the 6850.. I'm guessing the higher the numbers the better the graphics? The 6670 is more to my liking price wise, but if the 6850 is better it's still under my price limit.
  17. With the HD 6670 you won't have to replace your power supply, and it's more than enough to handle 2nd Life at its highest settings. I recommend this one.
  18. Thanks so much y'all, I think I'll go with the 6670 as suggested. I don't need superman graphics lol just enough to enjoy my games. Thanks again! :D
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