How to run battlefield 3 on nvidia geforce gt 8600

which is actully the cheapest gpu( not actually the official requirement) on which BF3 can run
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  1. About the 8600:

    well if the game runs, and you set all to very low graphics, at low resolution MAYBE you can get more than 30fps;
  2. 6770,

    Depends on the settings anyway.
  3. I used to have an 8600GT. Not a terrible card!

    Honestly you could run BF3 off a 6670 probably, but a reasonable card for 1080p would be the 6850 or GTX 560. The 6770 is a good budget card.
  4. I had 2 x 9600's GTX's some years ago. Good cards, but hot hot hot.

    A friend of mine mentioned they are playing BF3 on their old 9800(s?).

    Agreeing with everyone of course, your settings will be as low as possible and your resolution will probably be in the toilet.

    I'm not sure getting a graphics card that old will be worth the FPS headaches and/or other graphics issues you may come across.

    Agree with Wolfram though - I got the 560 and it wasn't terribly priced. Even a lower end 500 series or high end 400 series would probably do alright. At the very least you'd run at low settings but decent resolution - and that's key.

    - 0bi
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