ATX 2.03 for FX4100

Hey all!

I've got a low-end gaming rig with
AMD Fx4100, m5a88 mobo, 500Gb WD HDD, 6670 DDR5 1Gb and 2x120mm fans.

I was using Antec VP450 PSU, which failed yesterday morning. It's on its way to service center.
Meanwhile, I've got one Intex 450W (pentium 4) smart power PSU. (1yr old)
Specs are :

450W , 20+4 pin, 2 SATA ,2 HDD, 1 FDD, 1 Fan.
+3.3 V : 30A
+5 V : 29A
+12 V : 18A
-12 V : 0.5A
+5VSB : 2A
Says "ATX 2.03" on the top.

If I connect to my current rig to this psu, will it work? Asking before burning any more stuffs!
What's atx 2.03 ? Antec one was ATX 2.3.

Thank you all!
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    if you don't have a graphics card you should be okay, it dosent have much 12V power but it should be enough for what you listed
  2. Thanks for the fast reply!
    but it has this 6670 ddr5 though with a mild overclock. Will work right?
  3. try it, if it dosen't power up then your gonna have to go without it for a while :P
  4. it won't burn up anything, right? o_O

    15days is a long time... :/
  5. i doubt it
  6. Best answer selected by ben13.
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