Mix and match latencies; is Kingston RAM OK?

I'm looking to put one non-ECC CAS2.5 256MB Kingston Value Ram stick on an Asus A7M266 m/b. The price difference between it and the CAS2 is too great to justify. If, in future, I want to add a, then cheaper, CAS 2 stick, will the two work together?

Also, does anyone have any (+/-) comments on Kingston Value RAM?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Yes, but both memory sticks will operate at the lower CAS latency (In this case 2.5) so that would be pointless to get CAS2 after CAS2.5 and keeping both.
  2. Thanks, ajwr. Any comments about Kingston, anyone?

  3. Nope, never used Kingston. I would recommened Crucial.com though
  4. I personally use Mushkin. I have a 128 stick of their Rev 1.5 PC133 Cas2 and can go as high as 155 at cas2.
  5. I use Kingston valuRAM in my rig(2 128mb sticks pc133). No complaints, works great.

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  6. Used Kingston in the past and didn't have any problems.

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  7. They are making CAS 2 pc2100 now (05-16-2001) cool. I'm going to get me some :) or ... Are you tripping and you are looking at two different mem modules? the pc1600 I know of are CAS 2 and the PC 2100 are 2.5, But I could be tripping.


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