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This might look like a really stupid or noob question for some of you, but I am new to the pc hardware world so I must ask.
I am going to change my pc case in a few days so I need to know something. Is it okay to move the mobo from the old case to the new one without taking out the cpu, cpu cooler and the ram sticks? I only plan to remove the gpu because its relatively big. Also are there any other things that I should pay attention while changing the case?
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  1. If your PC is a prebuilt from a major company the mobo may not fit the new case
  2. Generally, you do not have to remove the cpu, cooler, or ram when moving the mb from one case to another. Other items, such as the video card and cables of course must be removed or else you'll never get the MB out of the old case.
  3. wr6133 said:
    If your PC is a prebuilt from a major company the mobo may not fit the new case

    No this pc was custom built by hardware dealers which used pretty bad stuff in the build, so I learned my lesson the hard way, and I started changing part by part. The mobo is http://www.foxconnchannel.com/ProductDetail.aspx?T=motherboard&U=en-us0000483 and im getting CM elite 430 as a new case.
  4. you should be fine .. only issue would have been if the mobo was micro / extended atx form factor but yours isn't so moot point on that . To bad on getting a bad unit . Hope it gets better from here :)
  5. I've done numerous times over the years. Definitely remove the video card and unplug cables from the motherboard first. The one exception is the CPU Heatsink fan cable. You can leave that one plugged into your motherboard.
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