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I was going to put this in the Home Audio section, but since it's a general power outlet question I'm putting it there.

Bought these speakers on Ebay. Notice the description says "Note: Packaging printed in Spanish. Product itself is the same as the US Versions." Well, although the language is fine, the plug on the sub-woofer is a European plug, I think. Asked them to supply a U.S. adapter and they sent me this dinky thing that the plug wouldn't fit in. Should I ask them to fix it again, buy an adapter on my own (which one?), or return the speakers all together? There's also a label on the plug that says "Aviso: Este produto foi projectado para funcionar somente em 110V A/C" (Spanish, anyone?). The plug itself also has "10A 250V" engraved on it.

From the Ebay page: Power Specifications: 110 - 120V ~ 60 Hz

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    In Europe, they use 230-250v AC at 50Hz

    Thats Portugeuse not spanish, i'm not portugeuse but here is what is says- Warning: This product is designed to work only 110 VA / C -from google translate.

    They put the wrong plug on the power cord.
    Return them and get these instead-
  2. I will return them and buy from a better dealer, but I plan on buying the same model due to the wall mounts this set has.
  3. Ah, okay then.
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