1 Card 1 Integrated, will it work ?

In windows XP I was using a sound card just for the gameport and use the integrated audio wich was better and it worked, I wonder if windows 7 I can do the same thing, use the integrated audio as default output and just the card to use the gameport.

I found the windows 7 64 bit drivers so I guess no problem with that.

The Motherboard an Asus p8z68-v gen 3 and the soundcard is an old c-media 8378.
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  1. Yes that will work fine though you may need to select the onboard as the default device.
  2. Well installed with no problems, but gameport isnt working ): in windows xp i was able to choose the installation of the gameport, but here it only install the audio drivers.
  3. load drivers from the manufactures site

    edit - actually check the sound cards properties. I wonder if the port defaulted to a midi port and a simple change might put it back to a gameport.
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