Video output, but no post beep?


I'm a first time builder doing a test build outside the case and was wondering why I'm not getting a post beep. The lights on the mobo turn on and the cpu and gpu fans turn on. There's also video output and I can access the BIOS.

For some reason though there's no post beep. I have a small speaker installed that came with the case. Should I be worried or can I start installing everything inside the case? I know little about cpus and don't know if there's anything I can check out to see if there's something wrong.

Mobo is an ASRock z68 ex3gen3

CPU i52500k

mushkin 8gb ram

sapphire 6870

rosewill hive 650w psu

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Some boards don't beep.
  2. So I set everything up and I'm not getting any onboard sound. I've updated the drivers and tried disabling and enabling sound devices but I'm still not getting anything. I can get sound from headphones however, and I haven't tried speakers yet.

    Everything else is working fine, and I don't really want to go through the trouble of sending back the mobo and waiting for a new one when I can just get a cheap pair of speakers. I'm running windows 8 preview in the meantime while the windows 7 OEM ships in the mail. Also worried about the OS being confined to this mobo when it could be faulty.

    Is there anything else I can try? Could this be a sign of future problems with the mobo? Thanks again.
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